How Chiropractors Treat Headaches and Migraines

At Chiropractic in Motion, we offer a homeopathic headache and migraine treatment in West Des Moines. We do not use painkilling drugs or invasive methods, such as surgery. Instead, we take an all-natural approach to health care by using acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments to provide headache and migraine relief.

How Does Acupuncture Relieve Headache and Migraine Pain?

When you have blocked energy pathways it can cause pain including headaches and migraines. Acupuncture works by encouraging a healthy energy flow throughout your body. There are several energy channels that we work with in dealing specifically with headache treatment, so to provide effective relief. Speak with our chiropractic and homeopathic specialist regarding the use of acupuncture for headache treatments in West Des Moines.

What Types of Homeopathic Treatments are Available at a Chiropractor in West Des Moines IA?

Here at Chiropractic in Motion, we offer homeopathic therapy for headache and migraine treatment. This can include herbs, Smart Silver, drops, supplements, and homochords/remedies. These treatments utilize Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and are approved by the American Institute of Homeopathy.

Is a Chiropractic Adjustment Used for Migraine Treatments?

When you have a chiropractic adjustment it releases endorphins throughout the body that can reduce pain and improve healing. However, this treatment may not be suitable for migraine treatments because an adjustment also increases circulation and blood flow. Since a migraine is associated with restricted blood flow, an adjustment can cause greater pressure and pain. Therefore, we provide adjustments on a case by case basis depending on the location, type, and severity of your migraine.

Choose a Chiropractic Clinic in West Des Moines for Chiropractic Adjustment and Acupuncture

To get started with an all-natural headache and migraine relief at our chiropractic clinic in West Des Moines, give us a call at (515) 267-9956.

We also offer full-service chiropractic care including treatments for auto accident injuries and sports injuries. Chiropractic in Motion is currently offering a special rate for chiropractic care in West Des Moines. For your first chiropractic exam and diagnostic x-rays for your migraine and headache treatment, you pay only $30.

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