Lyme Disease Support

If you suspect you have Lyme disease and need a diagnosis and treatment support, we can help here at Chiropractic in Motion. Lyme disease is a serious health problem that is more common during spring and summer when ticks are more prominent. Find out what you can do to combat Lyme disease with treatment support from your chiropractic clinic in West Des Moines.

What are the Most Common Symptoms of Lyme Disease?

The most common sign is a rash that looks like a bull’s eye on the skin. However, you could have Lyme disease without having this rash anywhere on your body. Symptoms of the disease are diverse and range from mental confusion and fatigue to heart problems and chronic coughing. In fact, there are so many symptoms of Lyme disease that it is best to visit chiropractors in West Des Moines IA to get a natural Lyme disease diagnosis.

What is Involved in a Lyme Disease Diagnosis in West Des Moines?

At Chiropractic in Motion, we start by doing an array of tests. These include the electrodermal screening test (EDST) using acupuncture treatments and an electrodermal screening device (EDSD). From that test, we can then provide medical testing to check abnormalities in dermal energies. We also provide a comprehensive physical exam to identify any signs of Lyme disease, followed by a detailed medical history.

What is Lyme Disease Treatment Support?

We offer Lyme disease treatment support that incorporates homeopathic treatments to treat the disease while boosting your immune system. This approach combined with the use of medicinal herbs and supportive vitamins can be beneficial in Lyme disease support. Other treatments include heat therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustments to stimulate the immune system and encourage natural healing processes.

Seek Lyme Disease Treatment Support in West Des Moines

At Chiropractic in Motion, we provide all-natural Lyme disease treatment support in West Des Moines. Start with a professional diagnosis of the disease followed by a homeopathic treatment plan. Contact our office at (515) 267-9956 to begin the process.

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