Your overall quality of life depends to a great degree on the strength and health of your back. For patients in need of chronic back pain treatment, it’s crucial to see professional chiropractors with no delay. The sooner you begin getting relief for lower back pain, upper back pain or a herniated disc, the better.

Even patients who are in need of sciatica pain relief can find a solution at our chiropractic office. So, if you have been experiencing discomfort and reduced range of movement, you should know that we are standing by to help you with back pain treatments.

Our team has been treating patients in the greater West Des Moines area and beyond for more than 10 years now, and we welcome the opportunity to bring you expert back pain relief.

Benefits of Seeing Our Chiropractors in West Des Moines for Chronic Back Pain Treatment

Our chiropractors specialize in treating patients for sciatica pain relief, as well as for lower back pain and upper back pain.

If you have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, you can count on our team to provide you with the pain relief you need.

We will also teach you how to maintain good posture and show you various stretches and exercises that you can do at home to further improve your back health in between sessions with the chiropractor.

What to Expect from Treatment

If this will be your first visit to a chiropractor, you may have questions about what happens with your treatment. It will begin with a consultation about your lifestyle and goals for back pain relief. You will also undergo a physical examination.

Depending on your situation, the chiropractor may order some lab tests or have pictures taken by a diagnostic imaging professional to aid in diagnosis.

Next, it will be time for treatment, including spinal manipulation. The goal is to improve your health and reduce pain without resorting to surgery.

Spinal manipulation involves making short-lever arm thrusts at high velocity to restore your back’s range of motion and cut down on nerve irritability. Mobilization involves low-velocity manipulation, stretching and moving joints and muscles.

The chiropractor will devise a customized treatment plan for your unique situation. You’ll set up a schedule for follow-up appointments, during which you can expect to see your back pain reduce as you get back on the path to wellness.

Make an Appointment for Back Pain Relief at Our Chiropractic Clinic in West Des Moines

Suffering from back pain makes it harder to handle your duties at school, work and at home. There’s no need for you to put up with a bad back when help is so readily available at our facility.

For details on treating problems such as a herniated disc or to make an appointment for back pain relief at our chiropractic clinic, please contact Chiropractic in Motion today at (515) 267-9956.