Playing a sport offers an opportunity to stay active and keep up with your health goals. The downside of playing a sport is the risk of injuries. By seeking sports injury treatment in West Des Moines, you encourage natural healing processes and help your body recover from the injuries.

Injuries from Playing Sports

The injuries you may face when playing a sport depends on the specific sport and the potential for injuries. Most sports have certain injuries in common, such as pulled muscles, but differ in the way your body is injured based on the level of contact and the motions used in the sport.

Common injuries that a chiropractor for athletes may notice in our clinic include:

  • Concussions
  • Shin splints
  • Tennis or golfer’s elbow
  • Broken bones
  • Sprained, strained or pulled muscles
  • ACL tears and other ligament tears
  • Knee injuries and pain
  • Whiplash, particularly in contact sports like football or soccer

The impact of different injuries depends on the situation and the game you enjoy. By seeking chiropractic care in West Des Moines for pain relief, you encourage natural healing and allow your body to recover from the injury.

Treatments in Our Clinic

The treatments we recommend in our chiropractic clinic in West Des Moines depend on your injuries and the situation. Generally, we evaluate your injuries and then develop a personalized plan to encourage your body to heal and recover.

A chiropractor uses gentle adjustments to your body to alleviate pain and improve the alignment of your spine, neck and skeletal system. We also use corrective exercises and stretches to improve your mobility and flexibility after an injury. In some situations, we may recommend adjustments to your lifestyle for pain relief. If you need further treatments, then we offer acupuncture as part of a comprehensive treatment strategy. Our treatments vary based on your injuries and the underlying cause of your pain. If you have swelling, then we may use hot and cold treatments to bring down the swelling.

Why Work with a Chiropractor in West Des Moines IA

A chiropractor in West Des Moines IA offers natural and holistic treatments to help with your injuries. We focus on encouraging your body to heal from the injuries by improving the function of your spine. You want to work with a chiropractor to relieve your pain without using harsh medications.

Our treatments also help enhance your abilities in a sport. When you work with a chiropractor for athletes, you have specialized care that works on improving your abilities. We help you determine when to make changes to your routines and practices for a better impact on your health, mobility, and abilities on the field or court.

Treating an injury from a sport is a process. You want to work with skilled professionals to avoid health risks and improve your abilities. To learn more about the impact of chiropractic care on your health or to set up an appointment in our clinic, contact us at (515) 267-9956 today.